Nominations Sought for Faculty Athletics Representative

The recent announcement Professor Reginald DesRoches has been named dean of engineering at Rice University will leave more than one faculty leadership vacancy at Georgia Tech.  

In addition to his role as chair for the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, DesRoches also served since 2014 as Tech’s Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). The Office of the President invites interested faculty to apply. Nominations, including self-nominations, should be directed to Assistant Vice President Lynn Durham ( by Friday, April 28.

As the faculty’s representative on athletic matters, the FAR serve as the liaison between the Institute and the Athletics Association on issues regarding rules compliance activities, new developments at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and activities related to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) membership. 

Primary responsibilities of the FAR are:

  • Representing the Institute as the FAR with the ACC and the NCAA,
  • Serving as vice chair of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association (GTAA) Board of Trustees and as vice chair of the Alexander-Tharp Fund Board of Directors,
  • Serving as senior advisor outside of the athletics department to Tech’s president on matters related to intercollegiate athletics,
  • Recommending and formulating institutional positions, along with the athletics director, on NCAA legislation and other matters affecting or related to intercollegiate athletics on campus,
  • Serving as a member of the Institute Admissions Appeals Committee (IAAC) and the GTAA Academic Committee,
  • Serving as chair of both the Student-Athlete Grievance Committee and the New Transfer Appeals Committee, and
  • Serving as a member of Tech’s NCAA Eligibility Certification Team, primarily responsible for evaluating the processes used.

The role is also detailed in section 5.3 of the Faculty Handbook.

For More Information Contact

Lynn Durham
Office of the President