Jackie Herndon

Chief of Staff

Jacqueline E. Herndon is the Chief of Staff for the Center for Advanced Communications Policy (CACP). She is responsible for the development of outreach projects. She manages CACP partner programs with state and national associations. Her work includes organizing student poster sessions, briefings and associated technology policy events. Ms. Herndon monitors various media and industry publications. Her duties include accounting services for associated research centers and management of the CACP staff. Additional facets of her duties are researching various policy issues and drafting papers based on her findings. Prior to joining CACP, she was the Administrative Manager of the Interactive Media Technology Center at Georgia Tech, where she managed all budgeting, human resources and administration for the research group. Ms. Herndon held various positions at Georgia Tech since joining in 1977, and has served on several Georgia Tech advisory groups and search committees. She also owned and operated a resume consultation and word processing center located at the Georgia Tech Student Center.