CACP Graduate Research Assistants present at the HFES 67th International Annual Meeting

Posted November 2, 2023

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) is the world's largest scientific association for professionals in the Human Factors and Ergonomics Field. The field of Human Factors studies how to improve outcomes by reducing human error, increasing productivity, and enhancing safety and comfort based on what we know about human abilities and limitations. The Society’s 67th International Annual Meeting was held in Washington, DC, from October 22-27, 2023. The meeting was an opportunity for networking, and education and attended by more than 1,500 academicians, researchers, students, practitioners, and other professionals.

Emily Gleaton and Emily Parcell presented a poster titled “Understanding User Perspectives: What is the Meaning of Technology Mastery?” This study is the first of a three-part study that aims to understand and define technology mastery so that a scale can be developed to assess how users interact with technology. Ultimately, researchers and product designers might use such a scale to create new training materials and optimize user interfaces by understanding technology mastery in facilitating conditions and barriers. 

Jenny Egan-Erickson presented a symposium titled “Workspaces Reexamined: Implications for Design, Management, and Employee Wellbeing” alongside members of Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture. The purpose of the symposium was to introduce a new, person-centered framework for how to think about human-physical space interactions, as well as new directions in measurement. Three empirical examinations were presented alongside the framework: a qualitative examination, an agent-based modeling project, as well as Jenny’s quantitative investigation of the work-from-home environment.