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Technology and Disability Policy Highlights (TDPH) is a newsletter that reports on national and local public policy events and recent wireless technological advances and political activities; and tracks emerging issues of interest to individuals with disabilities and their families. The publication's focus is termed "cross-disability" and should not be viewed as comprehensive. TDPH is published twelve times a year by the Wireless RERC. The Wireless RERC is a research center focusing on promoting universal access to wireless technologies and explores their innovative applications in addressing the needs of people with disabilities.

Top 25 TDPH Topics of 2018

The image to the right is a word cloud that shows the top 25 words, indicating importance by font size. In descending order, they are emergency, services, research, communications, inclusive, hearing, national, federal, language, improve, comments, activities, development, NIDILRR, service, university, Georgia, employment, Hawking, industry, rehabilitation, message, support, assistive, and standard.

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