International Collaboration

The Center for Advanced Communication Policy (CACP) has collaborative relationships with a number of leading universities in Asia and Europe (see below), and with the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, the British Computer Society, the Wireless IT Specialist Group, and the European Commission, Information Society Directorate, among others. CACP interests range from investigating the impact of global media, to comparative studies of emergency communications, and of e-accessibility and e-government and international coordination of wireless policy and spectrum management. Media related research areas include comparing the influence of international media with new regional sources of information, and examining the concept of the contra-flow of English-language media systems from Asia and the Middle East. Other research directions bring a public policy perspective to critically examining the linkages of political communication, information and society in different regions and on the international stage. Additionally CACP’s work in disability issues and e-accessibility policy includes investigation of policy harmonization and best practice assessment, globally.

Other Academic Institutions with which CACP has Developed Relations

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