Amanda Peagler

Research Scientist II

Member Of:
  • Center for Advanced Communications Policy
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Amanda Peagler is a Research Scientist II at the Georgia Tech Center for Advanced Communications Policy. With a background in industrial design and facilities management, she has been executing research related to user and patient experience since 2013. Amanda has earned both her BS in Industrial Design and MS in Building Construction and Facilities Management from Georgia Tech. Currently, she is a task leader for the Georgia Tech usability team for the RADx project, tasked to assess users’ abilities to successfully complete test protocols for technologies designed to detect the COVID-19 virus. As researcher, Amanda has played a key role in studies in evaluating the use of technologies and processes for older adults, individuals with disabilities, healthcare and social workers, children, and the general population. She is passionate about applying universal design principles to products, processes, and the built environment in order to provide the best possible experience for all users.

Areas of
  • Accessibility
  • Aging In Place
  • Human Factors
  • Patient Experience
  • UX/User Experience