Ensuring the Enfranchisement of People with Disabilities

Title: Ensuring the Enfranchisement of People with Disabilities
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: September 2009
Published In: Journal of Disability Policy Studies

In a representational democracy, the process of selecting people to represent the electorate is critical. To accomplish this goal, it is crucial that elections be fair and accurate reflections of the decisions of the voters. However, a significant and relatively unacknowledged constituency, people with disabilities, faces a variety of barriers to full participation in the U.S. electoral democracy. Recent research has provided evidence that how people with disabilities vote is just as important as the physical barriers they face when casting their votes. This article presents an overview of the literature addressing issues that affect how people with disabilities vote, with an especial focus on the role of election officials as both facilitators and inhibitors of voting by people with disabilities. © 2009 Hammill Institute on Disabilities.

Ivan Allen College Contributors:
External Contributors: Ward, A.C.

Ward, A., Baker, P.M.A. and Moon, N.W. (2009). "Ensuring the Enfranchisement of People With Disabilities," Journal of Disability Policy Studies. 20 (2): pp79-92.

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