Dissemination of WEAs: Survey of Alert Authorities

Title: Dissemination of WEAs: Survey of Alert Authorities
Format: Report
Publication Date: 2014

This brief summarizes the survey results on how FEMA approved alert authorities used IPAWS to send WEAs to the public. The survey was sent to all 425 alert authorities in 2014. The questions asked were intended to assist the CACP in identifying current best practices that can be used as benchmarks for emergency managers and other potential alerting authorities regarding ways to assist the identified population. 139 alerting authorities (33%) responded to this survey.

External Contributors: Sharpe, Danielle

Bennett, D., Benson, B., & Sharpe, D. (2014). Dissemination of WEA: Survey of Alert Authorities. Atlanta, GA: Center for Advanced Communications Policy.

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