The Assistive Wearable: Inclusive by Design

Title: The Assistive Wearable: Inclusive by Design
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2018
Published In: Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits

Wearable technology has the potential to usher in a new wave of assistive technology. Many wearable devices are already being used by people with disabilities as assistive technology. Here we discuss how designers might use design considerations and body maps to make sure that the wearable devices they are creating are accessible to everyone. The hope is that, with a thoughtful process, new wearable technology can also act seamlessly as assistive technology


External Contributors: Zeagler, C., Gandy, M.

Zeagler, C., Gandy, M., Baker, P.M.A. (2018). The Assistive Wearable: Inclusive by Design. Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits, Volume 12 (Summer) 11-36.

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