Gig economy and sharing economy to rebuild and enhance labor

Title: Gig economy and sharing economy to rebuild and enhance labor
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: March 2020
Published In: China Soft Science

This article integrates the international and domestic typical research literature of the "gig economy" (Gig economy), focuses on the potential of the "Gig economy" in the knowledge industry era to transform and improve the quality of "labor", and proposes that the knowledge industry era endows the "Gig economy" and The "sharing economy" supports each other and provides opportunities for development. In particular, it gives laborers a more forward-looking development opportunity in addition to traditional forms of industrial practice. It gives a more appropriate conceptual connotation and The relevant development mechanism emphasizes the unique role of "Gig Economy" in recreating the ingenuity value of labor by sharing the direction of economic specialization in this context, thereby enhancing the unique role of labor quality. The sharing economy and its digital software platform as a supporting platform also require the needs of high-quality and highly diversified labor to create and promote their own differentiated development. This development relationship may also be the development of China's new industrial economy and its corresponding Policy and strategy to provide inspiration.

External Contributors: CHEN, Xiang-dong, ZHANG, Feng

Chen, Xiang-dong, Zhang, Feng, and Baker, P.M.A. (2020). Gig economy and sharing economy to rebuild and enhance labor. China Soft Science (No.1, 2020, pp 21-29 - published 3.20.2020)

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