Platforms, Pandemics and Policy: Technology Innovation and the Internet of Things

Title: Platforms, Pandemics and Policy: Technology Innovation and the Internet of Things
Format: Conference
Publication Date: July 2021
Published In: International Political Science Conference (IPSA), 26th World Congress of Political Science, Virtual, July 2021
Publisher International Political Science Association

One of the more interesting developments arising from the emergence of digital and wirelessly connected technology-based innovations, is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT, in reality an ecosystem, or context, of interoperable technologies has already begun to significantly impact the operation of industry and government as well as daily living activities for individual users. With the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of institutions, including industries and other economic sectors, suffered disruption, which offered an opportunity to observe how IoT devices were adopted and deployed in a variety of innovative ways to address or mitigate these conditions. This paper draws on an analysis of industry and academic publications to examine economic, technological and associated policy changes that affect the design and development of IoT technology, and the consequential social and community impacts. Conditions arising from the pandemic are examined with an emphasis on opportunities for enhanced technology facilitated social participation, and potential policy responses to advances these changes. IoT as a set of technological solutions can be diversified to fulfill a number of strategic objectives in addressing pandemic related economic and social conditions. These impacts further demonstrate that access to information technologies and resources (used here in the broadest sense of enabling actions to occur) is not only universally important, but can be enhanced by policy initiatives, and rapidly so, when the need is perceived.

External Contributors: Solomon, J.

Baker, P.M.A., and Solomon, J. (2021). “Platforms, Pandemics and Policy: Technology Innovation and the Internet of Things.” Panel Paper for Community and Technologies of Participation – Social Media, Networks of Engagement, and Social Policy. Presented at 26th IPSA World Congress of Political Science, July, 2021, at Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Information and Communications Technology Policy
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