National Council on Disability (NCD)

The Center for Advanced Communication Policy (CACP) has produced two reports for the National Council on Disability (NCD):

"Effective Communications for People with Disabilities Before, During and After Emergencies"

May 2014

This report prepared for The National Council on Disability, found that the legitimate concerns of people with disabilities and other special needs populations in emergency situations are frequently overlooked or minimized. It identified barriers, facilitators, and successful practices to providing effective emergency-related communications, especially accessibility issues, and reviewed the enforcement of pertinent disability laws and regulations. The report included recommendations for policy makers, federal partners, and emergency managers. P.I. James White

"The Power of Digital Inclusion: Technology’s Impact on Employment and Opportunities for People with Disabilities"

October, 2011

This report prepared for The National Council on Disability, outlined the ongoing employment problems challenge people with disabilities and the promise that the networked economy and new digital media technology hold to transform the situation. Previous research into the employment challenges faced by people with disabilities has focused on the scarcity of job opportunities and the perceived competitive disadvantages that they faced. Instead this report focused on the social capital and networking needed to match job opportunities with job seekers. The report also explored the employment possibilities of a set of key digital technologies: wireless communication platforms; social networks; immersive digital environments, including virtual worlds and tiered digital interactions, such as electronic games; open publishing; and open source processes. The report concluded that the transition to a new networked economy has the potential to change the way the world of work operates and provide many more avenues for employment for people with disabilities. P.I. James White