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Advancing Social Impact Through Policy Innovation

The Center for Advanced Communications Policy (CACP) engages in several broad approaches to explore the impact of technology on society. A key overarching objective of CACP is to understand the social impact of digital technologies, domestically and internationally, by conducting objective, evidence-based research, analysis, and development.

Research activities range from foundational social science research, providing evidence-based input for policy formation and regulatory filings, to a applied policy research analysis and innovation studies to inform the development, implementation and adoption of a wide range of information and communication technologies. Lab-based studies focus on the intersection of technology and the user: accessibility and usability studies, user testing and human factors analysis, all of which help industry better understand the needs of a wide range of users, especially people with disabilities, the aging, and other vulnerable populations. Training and outreach efforts are designed to increase social awareness, disseminate best practices and facilitate collaboration between critical stakeholders.

CACP cultivates social, economic and inclusive - oriented perspectives on digital technologies at the intersection of society, inclusion and policy to address a range of stakeholder needs, ranging from increasing community participation through connectivity, to technologies for supporting work and employment. Center activities provide the foundation for the assessment and analysis of issues that inform our contribution to federal rulemaking, input into public sector policy-making processes, and generation of technical guidance for business and industry.


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