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Older Adults’ Use of and Attitudes toward Activity Monitoring Technologies

Self-management of health is becoming increasingly important in today’s healthcare climate. Activity monitoring technologies have the potential to support health self-management by tracking, storing, compiling, and providing feedback about an individual’s engagement in movement activities. Older adults represent a fast growing segment of the population who may benefit from such technologies.


Older Adults' Perceptions and Use of Technology: A Novel Approach

This study investigated older adults’ perceptions of technology in their everyday lives by using the stages of change model, a behavioral change model, as a guiding framework. Participants answered daily workbook questions about their experiences with technology and also recorded daily interactions and difficulties with technology for a 28-day period.


Examining Social Media Use Among Older Adults

Social media is a powerful tool that can connect family and friends across long distances and link people with similar interests. Social media has been widely adopted by younger adults, but older adults have been less likely to use such applications. A survey of 142 older adults living in the metropolitan Atlanta area was conducted to understand the characteristics of older adults who do and do not use Facebook, a popular and widespread social media application.


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Realizing Aging In Place: Bringing Medical Devices into the Home

HomeLab researchers presented a workshop on the needs and challenges of translating medical devices into the home using a systems engineering approach. Bringing medical devices into older adults’ homes can provide benefits such as supporting aging in place and reducing hospital visits and healthcare expenses.


Design Challenges in Home Health Technologies for Older Adults

This presentation provided designers of technologies targeted toward older adults with insights into the demographics and health needs of that population, and suggested methods of how to evaluate their products in a home environment. For new technologies to be successful supporting adults to age in place, two practical and actionable methods were proposed.


A Holistic Approach to Product Assurance Evaluation

In a joint presentation with the Beauty Becomes You Foundation, HomeLab researchers presented information on the Senior Select Seal, a proposed commendation program for products that are easy for older adults to use.


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Balancing Abilities and Product Demands in Home Health

With increasing medical costs, an aging population, and the desire of older adults to age in place, the demand for in-home healthcare technologies is growing by leaps and bounds.